Friday, January 4, 2013

2012 in Review - Published Works

This seems to be the time of year that everyone is releasing their list of published works from the previous year, so here are mine from 2012. I hope I haven't missed any.


"Magnitude Seven" (Audio), (Pseudopod 303, October, 2012; originally published as a long poem in the print version of Nightblade, Dec. 2011)

"The Mirror With Six Faces" (Flash Fiction Online, June, 2012)

"Hoist With an Ark to the Stars" (Daily Science Fiction, May, 2012)


"Ana Morphosis" (Ideomancer, 11:3, Beth Langford editor) (Online)

"I Am" (Star*Line, Volume 35, Issue 1, Marge Simon editor) (Print)

"Doorways" (British Fantasy Society Journal, Spring 2012, Ian Hunter editor) (Print)

"Soaked Through" (Eye to the Telescope, January, 2012, Jeannine Hall Gailey editor)

"Zen Fish" (Star*Line, Volume 35, Issue 2, Marge Simon editor) (Print)

Untitled Senryu (Beyond Centauri, April, 2012, Teri Santitoro editor) (Print)

Untitled Scifaiku (Scifaikuest, May 2012, Teri Santitoro editor) (Print)

Untitled Scifaiku (Scifaikuest, February, 2012, Teri Santitoro editor) (Print)

Untitled Scifaiku (Scifaikuest, May, 2012, Teri Santitoro editor) (Online)

"Traces" (Scifaikuest, May, 2012, Teri Santitoro editor) (Online)

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