Sunday, May 1, 2011

David Sedaris in Santa Barbara

We drove North to Santa Barbara to see David Sedaris at the Arlington. He's on a crazy 38 city tour in 39 days.  The show was great, the venue was awesome, and dinner beforehand was even better.  Once I saw they served Brother Thelonious Ale, I knew we were in good hands at Jane.

We stayed in Montecito, at the same amazing hotel as David, but we never bumped into him.  Even more disappointing was the fact we couldn't get a last minute reservation at Bouchon.  I haven't been, but I must, must, must go.  Vennison, duck breast and confit of thigh, grilled wagyu flat-iron steak.  Nuff said.

One of the most interesting things about David's show was when he took the time to recommend a book.  It wasn't even a new book.  Tobias Wolff's The Barracks Thief, a 112 page novella, was published in 1990, and he couldn't say enough good things about it.

This was an upstanding thing for one writer to do for another.  We've seen similar things from Joe Konrath and others, and it reminds me that we're all part of an artistic community, and when we help each other succeed, we help our whole community thrive.

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